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Becoming a business owner is a way to continue to generate income during the recession while jobs are still lost. Having a good income is absolutely necessary to meet one of the two basic goals in life. One is to stay healthy (and money can’t buy it) and the other is to have enough money to enjoy life.

These are not unreasonable goals, but the economy has made continued employment precarious, and many people who have lost their jobs and older workers have difficulty finding employment that provides them with an income. A recent article in a US newspaper stated that more than our older workers were unable to find suitable employment and were forced to retire. And unless a person was lucky in this recession, having somehow to continue earning a pension is an absolute necessity. Advances in health care and better lifestyles have increased the average life expectancy of the baby boomer, and we have no way to know if we can survive our pension plans.

The shrinking labor market has meant that many people have turned home to business opportunities as a way to generate income or extra money during this recent recession. There are many business opportunities, from buying a franchise or starting a business from scratch. The Internet has created many, many opportunities to start and build a home business, some without spending a lot of money. Everything from affiliate marketing, to drop-shipping to building an online store, is available to those who are a bit experienced on the Internet or can learn how to build a business online.

Many people turn to the Internet to make money quickly, but there is a significant difference between starting an online business and building an online business. What many people do not realize is that the failure rate for a new online business is very, very high. Many people have started an online business to quickly earn some money just to make the company disappear within one or two years. This is due to a short-term vision that has short-term results. If a person simply wants to make money, there are many resources that can help identify products or services that can be profitable but then bottom out and disappear.

Building a long-term business requires a long-term vision and requires planning, research, and commitment. Instead of focusing on how to make quick profits, we focus on ensuring that the business is run over a long period of time and not in the short term. In other words, if you plan your business for the next three, five, ten or twenty years, you need to build it to provide value for your customers and a steady source of income for you. If you get into a business because you love it and you can make a decent life out of it, then you can call yourself a success. Saying “Do what you love, love what you do” is very appropriate for a new business owner.

There is so much information about Internet marketing that almost everyone can succeed. All you need is time, money and support (if you can get it). Time is needed to find out what you need to know to succeed, the money is needed to buy online systems, software, and support. Many people on the Internet earn a living by selling marketing information to people who are trying to get into a business. Join some forums, do research and you will find that most successful online businesses are the result of hard work, dedication and years of work.

Most online startups focus on making profits as quickly as possible. There is nothing wrong with it, but to build a business, you want to do things a little differently. You want to focus on building a solid business and build a company that will earn money as well as becomes a force to be reckoned with in your market.

The question is: “How to build an online business? As I mentioned earlier, it is enough time, money and support. An affiliate marketer must research the products and companies he wants to represent. He must learn the basics, write ads, articles and do other advertising to drive traffic to his product. All this takes time, but little money, unless you pay for advertising. Money is needed to buy products for resale and pay for advertising and support. There are many business models, from affiliate marketing to sales of physical items available for copying. This can facilitate the whole process because it is possible to build a business by learning from successful web marketing.

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