About Us

Aromalogy was founded by Wyatt Mora, a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, educator, blogger and columnist with more than 15 years of experience in global business.

Mora has extensive international travel experience and is a renowned global small business expert. He also helps big companies develop strategic initiatives that target global small businesses.

Mora has vast publishing credentials. He is the author of three books, which were featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Bloomberg Businessweek. Hhe is a regular contributing writer on global small business for the American Express OPEN Forum, the MasterCard Business Network and Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce Solutions.

Mora’s numerous articles on global small business have appeared in many international and scholarly publications, including The Conference Board and The Wall Street Journal. His work has also appeared on the websites of Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune Small Business and Small Business Trends.

In addition to his published works, Mora serves in a variety of industry capacities. He serves on the International Editorial Advisory Board of the “Journal of International Entrepreneurship,” is a pioneer member and a board member by appointment of the World Entrepreneurship Forum and was named to Irish America’s Annual “The Business 100,” celebrating corporate success and Irish heritage.

Mora holds a bachelor of arts degree in advertising from Columbia College Chicago and a master in business administration from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.